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Dangerous Goods


Many guitar finishing products including paints and lacquers are considered dangerous goods - to transport, to use, and to store.
All finishing products should be handled with care. Material safety data sheets, otherwise known as an MSDS, have been provided for certain products, which contains information on the product, its composition and the safe usage & handling. You should always read the MSDS, especially if you are unfamiliar with the product.


Dangerous goods require special handling and transport arrangements and so will be delivered by road transport with the following restrictions:
- Delivery within Australia only.
- Can be delivered to Post Boxes
-The deliverer may at their discretion choose to leave the parcel in a safe place on the property or alternatively, "card" it for pickup at the local Post Office. 
- Delivery to some remote destinations may not be possible, a delivery price given in the checkout is not a guarantee that shipping is possible to the given address - if in doubt, please ask.

Shipping Charges

If your shopping cart contains any items considered to be dangerous goods, your order will be sent by road transport at the rate shown in the checkout dependent on the destination. This service is now also provided by Australia Post at no additional cost to normal services.


Working With Dangerous Goods

Protective clothing and equipment should always be used when working with any finishing products. The use of appropriate respirators, face-masks, eye protection, and full-body clothing is recommended, and always work in a well ventilated area. Please read and understand any material safety data sheet (MSDS) associated with the product which outlines the dangers of working with the product.