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Rola JTM 45 Guitar Amp - 45W

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Rola JTM 45 Guitar Amp - 45W

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Quick Overview

JTM 45 Guitar Amp - a most desirable Australian hand-built all valve amp.

Total cost as shown - $2495 plus shipping. NB Free shipping does not apply to this item.

Note: 20% deposit ($500) is payable up front - Balance plus shipping (typically $98 within Australia - shipped in robust wooden crate from Adelaide) will be due when custom build completed (allow 3-4 weeks).

Further enquiries:

email -

ph - 03 9010 5050


Presenting a Genuine, Hand built, all valve, Made in Australia JTM 45 guitar amp.

Originally rated at 30W, this build is a true 45 watts RMS into 8 ohms at 1% distortion (with approx 54 watts RMS at Clipping).

Think of words like seminal, most desirable, and then do yourself a favour and google JTM 45.....

  • To get a vintage sound you need vintage parts not just a vintage circuit.
  • Uses fabulous Military CV4060s (KT66s) and radiometal output transformer
  • Aussie made 3-4 week build time JTM 45 MK-II

Comes complete with a full set of premium 3 x Mullard ECC81 valves made at Philips Hendon South Australia, and Military KT66 STC CV4060 output valves NOS 1960s; includes Semco Silver mica capacitors. These are all premium tubes made in Australia or the UK - all NOS !!!

Why buy a ROLA hand built amp?


  • Most resistors and caps are 50's 60's 70's vintage from IRH and Philips/Semco 
  • Gold turret pins
  • Gold CNC machined pin valve sockets
  • ALPS A2 studio grade pots
  • 5AS4 upgraded rectifier
  • HT electrolytics are new stock low ESR
  • Sockets are new stock ceramics, NOS McMurdo vintage 50's on request 
  • High build quality built for long service not a few years like modern PCB amps 
  • Great value for money (military long life NOS valves included in each amp)
  • All Australian build from local components 
  • Unbeatable sound qualities
  • Quality output transformer
  • Fully customisable not mass produced in a sweat shop
  • Trusted ROLA brand
  • 20% deposit – Full Payment required only when the amp is ready to ship


What does Brett Kingman think? See video review below:

Other custom options available  - Price on Application (POA) eg:

  • ·         All valve Power Scaling Option
  • ·         Master Volume (on back panel) 
  • ·         A/B footswitch jack (on back panel) 
  • ·         FX loop jack (insertion point between preamp and power amp stage - on back panel) 
  • ·         EQ frequencies optimised for Gibson (Fender EQ standard) - POA
  • ·         switchable 4,8,16 ohm provided as standard - different speaker impedance - POA
  • ·         other NOS valves and more, just ask – maker is always happy to quote and discuss any changes.  


The amp will come crated and packed in a custom MDF box to ensure no shipping damage. Delivery charge will vary according to location and will be quoted - typically $98 via courier within Australia. Local pickup is OK as well (Adelaide).


From the maker:

Here it is my latest creation the famous JTM45 KT66 version limited edition, all hand wired point to point on turret boards as shown in the photos.

Unlike modern mass produced amps full of dry joints and mechanical reliability issues, this amp is built using traditional 50's wiring - not a printed circuit board in sight, hand laced wiring, every component tied off on the turret board before being soldered.

Dynamic matched and demagnetised valves, lots of NOS valve options for customers to audition before purchase and more. Each one of these amps takes 40 hours to build. I will never get rich building them but it sure is rewarding and after 50 years of building valve amps I still get a kick out of every one I build going to a good home. 

The output transformer is custom wound and uses 20% radiometal core material so it naturally compresses instead of clipping like modern ones, this is the way 1950's output transformers behaved.

You can't go out and buy radiometal as it has not been produced for nearly 60 years, it can only be recycled from 1940's and 1950's transformers and then new GOSS core hydrocut to the same dimensions, the net result is an output transformer about twice the size of modern ones (just look at the photos - most 30w output transformers are 1/2 to 1/3rd this size. Each output transformer weighs around 5.5 pounds (2.5kg). Like the original it uses a 5AR4 rectifier and a quality filter choke in the power supply.

Output impedance is selectable for 4,8,16 ohms and if you want to use a couple of odd impedance cabs let me know as I custom make the output transformers and can wire speaker sockets to suit any weird combination you may have. 

Amps are built using RF grade Semco silver mica 70's capacitors made from now totally unavailable Ruby Mica, each one silver dipped and epoxy coated, each capacitor installed with care ensuring the orientation to minimise noise and circuit coupling.

IRH Australia vintage 50's carbon composition resistors (precision German made Byscfhlag or Rhoderstein metal film where IRH values are not available), Gold plated input sockets (plated here in Australia with 10 microns gold), Bakelite knobs with allen head grub screws, hand made turret boards, solid silver Teflon (Aviation grade Tefzel) hookup wire, Plexi front and rear panels reverse silk screened and reverse coated in gold paint, not a low cost laser engraved panel.

Unlike todays production amps using PCBs designed to last only 3 years, these amps are hand built to last 50 years. All amps are wired as they were made in the 50's and 60's, on a solid punched aluminium chassis with TIG welded corners. The amp cab is made from ply, with a high quality non covered version using Australian solid timbers an option.

The head comes complete with a full 12 month RTB (Adelaide) warranty, and after warranty support. the amp includes 3 x Mullard ECC81's made at Philips Hendon South Australia, Semco silver mica plate coupling caps.

Comments from my customers (unedited)


Customer #1 (blues & rockabilly player) 


Had a little play on JTM 45 Graham. Lovely amp-beautifully built- great clarity & crispness with Gibson 335. 
Its an amp you like right from the start. I noticed the extra warmth from the normal input & I could live with that but both channels are great.

The power is awesome. -it sounds like 50 W  or more  through the quad box. I think the 2xG30H speakers  are keeping  it  honest since they don't break up 
like the 2 Greenbacks they are paired with.  The sound is musical in quality which you only get from the best amps in my view.
Great sensitivity where you can control the sound from the picking hand (fingers in my case). 
Very Fender like with the quality of the clean tones  & trebly overtones   but without that searing treble you get from silverface Twins.  
Yep, the KT 66s give it a distinct quality from my Bassman but I can tell they are related - first cousins.
Its a work of art  in its own right. Would be interesting to couple it with my Celestion Blues in the Vox - the KT66s seem to be made for the Blues.


From customer #2 (60's 70's rock n roll)


I  noticed from playing with the amp that the high treble 1 input has that natural gain/breakup without pushing the Volume  - subtle but it's there, which can be rolled off from the guitar volume control if required. The KT66s definitely have a shimmering quality and the amp has enough controls to shape the sound desired. Someone once said the JTM45 is a good all round amp & I would agree with that, ie anything from country to rockabilly to rock n roll & blues.  Sounds great with my quad. Build quality is outstanding and makes all current re-issues I have seen using printed boards very sad indeed, the KT66's are just magic.


Customer #3 (JB well known Adelaide guitarist) 


Just picked my amp up today and want you to know I can't put it down the sonic qualities of this amp are fantastic, the custom output transformer using radio metal and the KT66's just sing in over 50 years of playing I have never heard an amp like this in my life before, this is a keeper. Graham was kind enough to pull the chassis out of the cab for me to have a look at the wiring under chassis, being technically minded myself and having built a few amps before I can tell you this exceeds in quality any build I have ever seen well beyond anything I could ever achieve. What you see in the photos’ is the same quality as my amp build.  

A big comment, man you are the KING of the KT66's


Customer number 4 (Qld)


Got the amp Graham - it's great, I really like it so far. Great sound 
and really makes me want to riff out. Has a nice range and clarity -The 
plywood box and bubble wrap packaging were awesome, it arrived in tip 
top shape.


Customer number 9, NOS tube options as listed here for number 10 (NSW)


Hi Graham , another day of bliss, the sound Is incredible ,

lo input ch 1 is where it's at for me . The ringing In my ears are continuous because

it's so bloody loud but all worth it !!!!


Amp number 10

Hi Graham , 
Amazing amp that's all I can say , that sound is what rock n roll is all about , I love it I couldn't praise it enough . Cheers


Amp number 15

The tones I'm getting are incredible ,with a little tweaking I found a sweet spot coupled with my barefoot fuzz set more for as a boost with a little dirt sounds amazing plus allowing myself to play at lower volumes ( still loud) I'm
Getting that Ian miss vibe happening , it can't be matched by anything I love this sh!!


amp number 16


Hey Graham.

 Just wanted to let you know I got the amp this morning, and I haven't been able to stop playing it.

 The first thing that struck me was how great it looks. Like I told you before, I own a Marshall 1987x, 
an English made 50 watt plexi reissue, and the JTM45 makes the Marshall look like a cheap Chinese copy!! 
The small details like the plexi panels, quality vinyl, gold piping and knobs define it as a true handmade piece.

 I've owned 13-14 amps in the last 20 years including the Marshall reissue Offset JTM45 and the Dr Z Route 66.
 Your amp smokes them both!! It has remarkable compression and note clarity but also a warm touch that 
pedals absolutely love.
 The master volume mod is phenomenal. Finally, an amp that has remarkable tone at any volume.