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About guitarAust


guitarAust is an online retailer of guitar parts, tools and accessories for luthiers, instrument repairers, students and hobbyists. Our warehouse is located in Melbourne, Australia, and we ship orders all over Australia and around the world.


The guitarAust website and inventory is constantly growing, and we plan to bring you more products and information to help you get the job done right, and at the best possible price.



Please take your time and have a look around - if there's something you do or dont like, let us know about it - either way its good for us both, and it helps keep the site healthy.


You may find our store useful if you are looking to:


  • - Build your first guitar
  • - Build various fretted stringed instruments
  • - Repair a guitar
  • - Upgrade your guitar
  • - Paint or finish your guitar
  • - Find the right gift for any guitarist



    and if we dont stock the item you're looking for, let us know, because there's also a good chance we can get it for you.


    ABN: 73 007 296 184